ATEX - Tablets

ATEX - Tablets

ATEX - Tablets

What is already established successfully in the consumer sector, now conquers the chemical industry. Tablet PCs prove in many areas as a useful extension of the IT applications in many areas of logistics, production and maintenance.

Not only private users, the portable PCs extremely popular - even in industrial environments tablet PCs are increasingly in demand. Handy, versatile, portable and with ATEX certification - the triumph of tablet PCs in the chemical industry is unstoppable. In the internal goods logistics help from goods receiving to shipping and are excellent for maintenance and repair work. In transportation they increasingly serve as a central tool for the delivery and customer service management. Powerful Tablet PCs wherever mobile IT support is needed, provide assistance and enable a whole new efficiency.

Via multitouch touch screen can be modern operating system and intuitive use while standing or walking. Tablet PCs significantly more functionality and more flexible than dedicated handhelds. Sufficient data bandwidth in mobile communications enable all relevant data at any time to retrieve the Tablet PC, so the user with all important information can be found on a device in real-time. This is an important point with the companies can create completely new scenarios with potentially explosive atmospheres.


The applications for tablet PCs are diverse in chemical industry because such a mobile device can serve the needs of different application fields.

Tablets are perfect for each employee who is traveling. By the maintenance staff in the production to the emergency services.
Maintenance staff can carry all necessary system data, operational documentation and maintenance / repair steps. Repair work can be supported with mobile video communication, which are considered perfect on the big screen. Thus, the direct exchange with the technical support is no longer a problem thanks to the tablet PC.
The list of usage scenarios can be continued any. But already now it can be seen that the use of tablet PC in an industrial environment and logistics offers many advantages.

Robust and ATEX Certified

Vibration, strikes to the housing and falls are the industry everyday. In order to remain in production or storage buildings and vehicles, the Tablet PC must above all be one; robust.

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Agile X 10.1" Ex-certified Tablet PC

Product no.: BT-B7-A234-4_31/11110_00

from 3,208.00 *

Tab-Ex® Series | Zone 1/21 and Division 1

Product no.: EC-SM-T365NNGA

from 2,583.00 *

Android Tablet IS-910.1

Product no.: IM-91010000

2,245.00 *

Tablet PC Getac EX80, Win. 10 Pro, ATEX Zone 0

Product no.: getex80-ED78Y2DH5AXX

from 3,259.00 *
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Industrial-suited Tablet PC with Windows operating system for ex-protection zones from BARTEC. MOBILE MOBILE MOBILE stands for the development, approval and marketing of explosion-proof mobile communications devices like tablet PC.

ecom instruments

ecom instruments

Over 25 years the company ecom has acquired in the explosion protection extensive know-how for everyday use in hazardous areas.



Getac when it comes to robust computer solutions for demanding and extreme environments.